CI-PNW designates a certain amount of funds each year to
be made available for registration scholarships in order to
encourage participation for youth who would otherwise
not be able to attend camp. PLEASE APPLY EARLY.
Scholarship applications remain confidential.

The following sections are to be submitted to the CI-PNW Registrar at along with your registration form BY NOVEMBER 15. Submit your scholarship application as early as possible for best consideration. Late requests may still be accepted on an ongoing basis. Priority is given to earlier submissions and those who show greatest need for financial assistance with little to no other potential funding sources. Please note that awarded amounts may vary, as available funding is limited. You are encouraged to check with your local church youth group leader and/or pastor first for other fundraising efforts or donor funds available for your youth group. See also Fundraising Ideas.

Please write a 1-page statement that addresses the following topics:

  • Main reason(s) for needing additional financial assistance [Note: It is important that you provide specific reasons that demonstrate financial need.]

  • Why would you like to attend CI this year?
    - For first-time campers, indicate how you heard about CI
    - For returning delegates, explain what you have gained from previous CI's

  • How would you use your experiences at CI to minister to others after camp?

  • Highlight your current church involvement and leadership (if any) How many times have you previously applied for a CI-PNW scholarship?

Breakdown of CI Registration Payment [PROJECTED COST for CI 2020 is $40.00]:

  • My family and I will pay $______________ toward the CI registration fee.

  • My church/youth group will pay $__________

  • I would like the CI scholarship to cover... Half $________ Partial $________

  • Please indicate if you are a first-time camper eligible for a CI-PNW discount

Signatures and Authorization [REQUIRED]:

  • Name, contact info, and signature of a PARENT/GUARDIAN (if under 18)

  • Name, contact info, and signature of your CHURCH YOUTH GROUP LEADER or PASTOR