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PayPal, Check, or Money Order preferred; Venmo also available


  1. Select "SEND MONEY"

  2. Select PAYMENT TYPE

PayPal charges a fee for:
-amounts not processed in US Dollars;
-using a non-US account;
-credit card transaction fees; or
-selecting "Goods and Services"

Any fees incurred are the sole responsibility
of the registrant and not by CI-PNW.



Check or Money Order

Make all checks and money orders
payable to "CI-PNW"

for the mailing address to ensure accurate
and prompt delivery / processing.

Venmo Available

for Venmo payment information.


All registration fees are non-refundable on or after December 13th each year-- including no-show campers and cancellations due to inclement weather or loss of connectivity (for example: electricity or internet).

Any prepaid CI-PNW registration fees paid prior to December 2020 are fully-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of payment (minus any irrecoverable fees that CI-PNW did not receive). After 48 hours, if communicated prior to December 2020, paid participants may request a 50% refund (minus any fees that CI-PNW cannot recover). Refunds are issued promptly in a similar method as the original payment and returned to the entity that sent in the original payment (church or individual).

All registration fees are non-refundable if paid on or after December 13th – final preparations are made for our CI participants that often cannot be modified after that date. For CI-PNW 2020, this includes CI participant materials purchased, packages assembled, and items sent out to the registrant to use for the virtual CI.

Participants can also opt to transfer their paid registration toward another participant’s fees at any time prior to the start of CI, in which CI-PNW will not handle any refunds in this situation; this information must be clearly communicated to our CI Registrar in a timely manner. If a CI package has already been assembled and/or sent out to the original participant named, it is that individual’s responsibility to make sure the package is given to their replacement; CI-PNW is not responsible for this transaction.

As always, CI-PNW is not responsible for inclement weather or health-related circumstances. CI-PNW is also not responsible for any technology issues including but not limited to power outages, loss of internet, or any interruption to web conferencing tools used such as Zoom. In any circumstance, CI-PNW will do its best to make recorded sessions available to users to access at a later time. If a user’s availability or technology situation changes at any given time during CI-PNW resulting in the participant being unable to join an activity or session, no refund for CI registration will be available.

With regards to the virtual camp experience, parents/guardians should provide supervision to minors while participating in online activities.